Pakistan super league 2019 fixtures, schedule, teams and squads, point table and Drafts

The Pakistan Super League (PSL) is the Twenty20 Cricket League, founded in Lahore on 9 September 2015 with five teams and now has six teams. Instead of acting as an independently owned equipment association, the league is a unique entity in which investors have every privilege.

Pakistan super league 2019 is 4th edition and 6teams contribute in the league.

Pakistan super league 2019Pakistan Super League 2019 Overview

The 2019 version of the Pakistan Premier League will begin on February 14, 2019, and eight matches will be held in Pakistan, the Pakistan Cricket Council confirmed. This call was made on September 15 by PCB and PSL after a meeting in the NCA.

The last eight games will be played in Pakistan in 2019, including the final in Karachi last season. The end of the season will be held on 17 March.
There are still a few months until the end of the tournament, but preparations are already underway to make them bigger and better.

Although it is still the issue of the opening ceremony, the PSL committee decided it would try to organize the opening ceremony of the competition in Pakistan. According to the latest reports, eight PSL games can be played in Pakistan this season. Read More about Pakistan super league 2019 and Confirmed matches.


How to Watch PSL 2019 Live:

Here you will know all about Pakistan super league live match PSL Live Match StreamingPSL Live See all Pakistan matches in the Super League here. The PSL 2019 will start on February 14 and the final PSL 4 will be held on March 17 in Karachi.

PSL 2019 draft players list

The fourth edition of Pakistan’s Premier League has become an important issue, as a large number of foreign cricketers show interest in the league, including the great AB De Villiers of South Africa and Steve Smith of Australian Cricket. The PSL will be held this year in Islamabad and will be updated as soon as this happens. Stay with Us…

The personal status bill will be held for the fourth edition of the tournament on November 20, which opened in 2018. The window of retention and trade for Pakistan 2018 in the Premier League on September 29, teams of choice They had the option of retaining up to 10 players on the team. Teams can now register new players directly. All new players must enter draft players to obtain the capture.

The categories of players selected last season were updated if necessary. The list of players who did not participate with any teams last season will be published later.

PSL 4 Draft Player Categories

  • Platinum Category :
  • Diamond Category Players:
  • Gold Category Players:
  • Silver Category Players:
  • Emerging Category Players:
  • Pakistan super league 2019 teams and squads

Read More: Pakistan super league 2019 draft – PSL 2019 Teams and Player List

Pakistan super league 2019 teams

There is the total of six teams in the 4th season of PSL…

  1. Islamabad United
  2. Peshawar Zalmi
  3. Quetta Gladiators
  4. Lahore Qalandars
  5. Karachi Kings
  6. The sixth team will announce soon

See Pakistan super league 2019 Squads and Players list

Karachi Kings squad 2019

Karachi Kings squad

Karachi Kings squad 2019: After difficult seasons, Karachi returned to win a chance in the fourth season of the Pakistan Super League, but question is that can now remove the distance this season?

Adoption into the PSL concept allowed the team to hold 10 players and Karachi Kings decided to use eight of these options. In the squad of Karachi Kings, the top players of Pakistan on the list are fast bowler Mohammed Aamir and Babar Azam, one of the best batsman in the world today, both in the platinum category.

Complete List of Karachi Kings Squad 2019 available here

Peshawar zalmi team squad 2019

Peshawar zalmi team squad 2019

Peshawar Zalmay Team 2019: Hello guys, do you like watching the PSL and want to know the list of Peshawar zalmi players 2019? Looking for PSL 2019 Peshawar Zalmi Team / Players? Do you want to meet Peshawar Zalmi players who play today?

If so, my friend landed in the perfect place. Here you will get an exclusive list of players of the Pakistan national football team 2019 Peshawar Zmali Band where you can easily check the names of all players Peshawar Zalimi.

Peshawar Zalmay won the second season of the Super League in 2017 against Quetta Gladbores. Not only that, but Peshawar Zalmay was also the defending champion who lost the final against PSL 2018 against Multan Sultans of 7 Wickets.

Here You can See Full list of Peshawar zalmi team in the 4th edition of PSL. Also, know Will Shahid Afridi Play for Peshawar Zalmi?

Islamabad United squad 2019

Islamabad United squad 2019

The team who won the first title of PSL with an outstanding performance throughout the season.  So again in the 4th season of PSL every team and their franchise give their best to find outstanding players and make a good team. Every franchise tries to find and combine them in the superb team and hopes to win PSL 4th season title.

So here is the question that the Islamabad again win this event. We hope so. We all know in every season some players are replaced and some of them are same as in an earlier team. So Here we give you the list of Players who select for Islamabad United franchise.

Indeed, I have received many questions about Islamabad’s 2016 bishop:

  • Name of Players playing in Islamabad United Franchise
  • List of Islamabad United Players
  • Islamabad United Team / Team Player 2019

After receiving this kind of question, we decided to share an exclusive list of the Islamabad United 2019 team. You can easily check the player of the United Islamabad team.

Let’s start with the list of players of Islamabad 2019 team without spending more time on conversation. Here we provide complete list of Islamabad United Squad 2019 you can check know…


Quetta Gladiators squad 2019

Quetta Gladiators squad 2019

Quetta Gladiators is the privilege of the T20 University of Pakistan which represents the capital of Baluchistan City of Quetta.

Founded in 2015, I have participated in two league seasons so far. Quetta Gladiator is also known as “Shan e Pakistan“.

Who is the Owner of Quetta Gladiators?

The team is owned by Nadim Omar of Omar Associates and is occupied.

Who is the Coach and Captain of Quetta Gladiators?

Present captain of Pakistan Cricket Team Sarfraz Ahmad is captain of Quetta Gladiatos and former wicket keeper of Pakistan Cricket Team Moin Khan is captain of Quetta Gladiators.

The name of the Quest Fighter Team and the official logo were unveiled in 2016. The emblem represents the deformation of the old Rome helmet worn by the gladiator during the battle. Two bats were considered from the swords of the gladiator swords. The main colors of the logo are golden and purple. The footballer Kaleemullah, MMA fighter Ahmed Mujtaba, actress Maya Ali, and Faakhir Mehmood became the brand ambassador team in 2018.

The team was runner-up in the 2016 and 2017 seasons. Here You can See Complete Quetta Gladiators squad and Team 2019

Lahore Qalandar squad 2019

Lahore Qalandars squad 2019 psl

Lahore Qalandar squad / Players 2019: Hi guys, are you a fan of watching PSL? If so, then friends to those who definitely came here while looking for a Qalandars team from Lahore, right?

If so, you are in the right place. I will provide you with an exclusive list of the Lahore Qalandars Squad 2019 where you will get all the names of all Lahore Calenders players who are playing in Season 4 of PSL.

As you know, Lahore Qalandar did not win any season of the Pakistan Super League. Friends, you will be surprised to hear that despite having the best players in the team, they have not been able to reach the final.

But …!

In the PSL 2019, Lahore Kalandars will again find their best players. I hope that Lahore will bring this season’s Pakistan Super Cup 2019.
But nothing happens without jumping … to see what will happen in the PSL T20 Season 4 Tournament. Will Lahore Qalanders win the PSL 2019 Champions League or not?

In fact, the primary Queries of sharing this partnership with you is that we have received many inquiries about the Lahore Calanders as follows:

  • The names of players playing in Lahore Kalandars
  • Players list for Lahore Qalandars
  • Lahore QalandarsTeam 2019

Here We Provide Lahore Qalandars squad 2019 | Lahore Qalandars players

Sixth team squad 2019

As you know Multan Sultan was previous sixth team for PSL and know the contract was done with the franchise and know the question is who will buy this team. But in PSL draft 2019 these are players who select for the sixth team. See here The sixth team squad 2019

Pakistan super league Player Salaries

  • Platinum category: $140,000-230,000
  • Diamond category: $75,000-80,000
  • Gold category: $50,000-60,000
  • Silver category: $22,000-33,000
  • Emerging category: $10,000-12,000

$ 10,000 will be paid to all foreign players who appear in the matches in Pakistan.

According to the latest PCB report, the number of players allowed in the team increased to 21 of 20, and an additional $ 25,000 was assigned to the team. An additional player must be from Pakistan and “may include players discovered through talent search programs or top representatives from the national T20 Cup at Rawalpindi at the moment.” Check more detail about PSL player salaries

Pakistan super league Schedule

So far, the full PSL 4 table has not been announced yet, only the places are announced, and the final start. The 2018 Pakistan Premier League calendar and matches will be announced and announced in one month. The number of teams participating in the PSL 4 edition is the same. According to the official website of the Pakistan Super League, will play the last eight matches in Pakistan and the final will be held in Karachi on March 17, 2019. See PSL calendar t20 2019 below.

Pakistan Super League Schedule 2019

14-FebPSL 1st MatchDubai
07-MarPSL 4 FinalKarachi

Islamabad United won the third season by beating Peshawar Zalmi in the final of the Pakistan Super League in Karachi.

Pakistan super league 2019 fixtures and Time Table

The PSL 2019 fixtures are not yet announced. We will publish the PSL 4 schedule once it is announced.

Here is 2018 PSL fixtures, Schedule and Time Table. Read In detail about Pakistan super league fixtures, schedule, and timetable.

DateMatchesTime (PST)Venue
Thursday, February 22Peshawar Zalmi vs Multan Sultans10:00 pmDubai
Friday, February 23Karachi Kings vs Quetta Gladiators4:30 pmDubai
Multan Sultans vs Lahore Qalandars9:00 pm
Saturday, February 24Islamabad United vs Peshawar Zalmi4:30 pmDubai
Quetta Gladiators vs Lahore Qalandars9:00 pm
Sunday, February 25Multan Sultans vs Islamabad United4:30 pmDubai
Karachi Kings vs Peshawar Zalmi9:00 pm
Monday, February 26Karachi Kings vs Lahore Qalandars9:00 pmDubai
Wednesday, February 28Islamabad United vs Quetta Gladiators9:00 pmSharjah
Thursday, March 1Quetta Gladiators vs Peshawar Zalmi9:00 pmSharjah
Friday, March 2Multan Sultans vs Karachi Kings4:30 pmSharjah
Lahore Qalandars vs Islamabad United9:00 pm
Saturday, March 3Multan Sultans vs Quetta Gladiators4:30 pmSharjah
Peshawar Zalmi vs Lahore Qalandars9:00 pm
Sunday, March 4Islamabad United vs Karachi Kings9:00 pmSharjah
Tuesday March 6Peshawar Zalmi vs Multan Sultans9:00 pmDubai
Wednesday, March 7Multan Sultans vs Quetta Gladiators9:00 pmDubai
Thursday, March 8Islamabad United vs Lahore Qalandars4:30 pmDubai
Karachi Kings vs Quetta Gladiators9:00 pm
Friday, March 9Multan Sultans vs Lahore Qalandars4:30 pmDubai
Peshawar Zalmi vs Islamabad United9:00 pm
Saturday, March 10Multan Sultans vs Karachi Kings4:30 pmDubai
Peshawar Zalmi vs Quetta Gladiators9:00 pm
Sunday, March 11Karachi Kings vs Lahore Qalandars9:00 pmDubai
Tuesday, March 13Multan Sultans vs Islamabad United9:00 pmSharjah
Wednesday, March 14Quetta Gladiators vs Lahore Qalandars9:00 pmSharjah
Thursday, March 15Peshawar Zalmi vs Karachi Kings4:30 pmSharjah
Quetta Gladiators vs Islamabad United9:00 pm
Friday, March 16Peshawar Zalmi vs Lahore Qalandars4:30 pmSharjah
Islamabad United vs Karachi Kings9:00 pm
Sunday, March 18Qualifier – Islamabad vs Karachi9:00 pmDubai
Tuesday, March 20Eliminator 1 – Peshawar vs Quetta7:00 pmLahore
Wednesday, March 21Eliminator 2 – Karachi vs Peshawar7:00 pmLahore
Sunday, March 25Islamabad vs Peshawar – PSL Final7:00 pmKarachi

Pakistan super league point table 2019

The latest PSL points table 2019 will be placed here and update here…

Points table of 2018 Psl

Islamabad United1073014
Karachi Kings1073014
Peshawar Zalmi1073014
Quetta Gladiators1073014
Lahore Qalandars1073014
Islamabad United1073014

PSL Point Table System

In the event of failure, both teams will receive 1 point. At the end of this stage, the top four teams will qualify for the semi-finals. The winners of the two semi-finals will be on the Final.

PSL will follow the rules and regulations created by the ICC, followed by other cricket leagues.

In the group stage, the score is given as follows:

  • 2 points are awarded for the victory.
  • 1 point each will be awarded to both teams in the absence of a result.
  • 0 points will be awarded for the loss.
  • If the scores are tied at the end of the game, the winner will win the top. It also applies to group processes.

The ranking of teams in the score table is based on the following criteria: